Award-winning service

Club POS provides complete, 24/7 support for every customer, offering skilled technicians and merchant service providers who can fix any problem, any time of day. Your organization will stay up and running all the day.

Easy to use, easy to master. Fly through our simple, friendly interface with lightning speed. We believe in turning waiting for visitors into paying customers as efficiently as possible.

Drastically reduce staff errors and lengthy training sessions. Intuitive, smart point of sale software makes setup and use unbelievably smooth.

Add your branding to the interface, turning your point of sale into a marketing banner. Receipts, emails, and screens with your logo front and center.

Club POS smoothly scales as your business grows, even if you open new locations. It’s impossible to outgrow Club POS, no matter big you get.

Save paper and build a customer database by emailing receipts to customers – great for marketing to repeat buyers. Quickly retrieve any receipt from any time.

Better Service, Lower Costs

Club POS solution enables you to place orders and complete transactions through convenient iOS or Android tablets or a computer. Waiter APP POS improves the speed and accuracy of orders, decreases ticket time, and increases staff interaction with members.

Club POS Features

Table Management

Club POS table management feature can help you serve quickly and accurately even during a full house. Gain insight of each table’s occupancy period and spending.

Menu Management

Club POS comes with reach features to manage all kinds of menus like happy hours, and ladies’ nights. you can easily build and update menus from anywhere.

Reporting & Analytics

Club POS has rich reporting tools in which you can generate any customized report. Club POS analytics help you to make decisions on the base analytics reports of each item.

Inventory Management

Get alerts when items are low with restaurant inventory management software built right into your POS. Complete control over inventory inside your POS system to check items quantity and stocks

Staff Management

Club POS comes with staff management features in which you can easily manage your team and shift schedule, streamline payroll, and optimize labor costs with a staff management feature built just for the club.


Our Club POS software integrates with any kind of platform such as a mobile app, eCommerce, QR code online ordering system, etc. Our strong API platform is available of any kind of integrations

Club POS Modules

Web Reporting

Our Club POS system software sync module helps businesses to get all reports in a single place.

Get a single stand-alone web report module to sync all your outlet’s reports on a web that can be accessed anywhere.

Club POS system has the reports you need to make better business decisions. From sales reports to employee sales

Waiter APP

We have specialized waiter app to get quick orders

Enable your waiters to take table orders from mobile or tablet. The waiter app sends orders directly to the kitchen and works in sync with the POS

Waiter app to easily manage table orders.

  • Reliable and faster table orders.
  • Send orders to multiple kitchens.
  • Review & cancel previous orders.
  • Capture customer details.
  • Be in sync with POS.

QR Code Ordering

Contactless Ordering

Our Club POS system software have QR code features will help customers to order their self without waiter interaction.

Save time. No waiting in queues. No waiting time for menu card, No waiter intervention
No Downloading, No Apps, No Fuss.
Fast & Easy to use
Self-Order  Enjoy a pleasant moment at your own pace
No more language barrier View the menu in your language.
Contactless Check-In.
Call Waiter, and make special requests effortlessly.
Frictionless ordering that’s fun for everyone
Fast re-ordering
Easy access to promotions
COVID friendly for all their social distancing needs
NO App to download Not another app to download
Order history (View previous orders, request a tax invoice, and remember your favorite orders.)
Multiple Payment Methods (Apple Pay, G Pay, PayPal & Cards. All connected for instant payment.)
Search and Filter your menu by their dietary needs